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The Pan Maniot Union of Australia began servicing the Victorian community in 2001. It has, since its inception held functions where Maniates and Hellenes in general of all age groups can come together in a wholesome environment that creates a sense of community. Today, not only Hellenes enjoy its functions, but people from multiple ethnic backgrounds have attended and enjoyed the sense of togetherness created by the functions of the Pan Maniot Union of Australia.

From participating in the Annual Greek Independence Day March, to holding functions like its Annual Dinner Dance, today’s Pan Maniot Union of Australia not only provides an environment that creates a sense of community, but also an environment that stimulates increased awareness for the proud history, traditions and customs of not only of the Maniates and the region of Mani, but also Hellenes from all regions of Greece. Even in a multicultural nation such as Australia, pride in one’s national heritage is of Paramount importance, and future generations need to be aware of their national heritage, in order to ensure its survival in more than just the immediate future.

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Sotirios Mourtzeas


Suit & Tie Thing

Saturday, October 29, 2016 - 7:00pm

The PanManiot Union of Australia - Η ΠανΜανιάτικη Ἕνωση

Join the Board and friends of the organisation at the clubs annual suit and tie thing dinner dance.

Date: 29th Oct 2016

Featuring our spectacular resident DJ Jim
5 1/2 hours of English and Greek Music and Dancing

Venue: Normanby house , 
22 Normanby Ave, Thornbury