The PanManiot Union of Australia - Η ΠανΜανιάτικη Ἕνωση Annual general meeting - 2014

The annual general meeting of the PanManiot Union of Australia - Η ΠανΜανιάτικη Ἕνωση was well attended and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members who attended.

Greek Independence Day March & Hellenic RSL Luncheon 25th March 2012

As with every year, The PanManiot Union will be marching at the Greek Independence day march in full Maniot clothing and weapons.

Anyone who is interested in marching in Maniot costume, please don't hesitate to call the club number on: 0423 596 161

A bus will be provided which will pick up members marching in Maniot clothing only.

Did you know? (Various random facts about Mani and Maniots)


* The Pyrrixios dance (war dance), originated from the town of Pyrrixos in Mani.

Over view: Pyrrhichios was named after Pyrra/Pyrros (alternative name of Neoptolemos), son of Achilles who was born in the town of Pyrrixos, Mani. Pyrrhichios was the first to dance the Pyrrichios dance and danced it after defeating Eurypylos, son of Telephos in battle, who fought on the side of the Trojans during the end of the Trojan War.