The Chronicle of the War of Independence,1821

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6th- Theodoros Kolokotronis reaches Kardamili In Mani to prepare for the revolution and to organise the Maniot involvement.



Late- Petrobey Mavromihalis of Mani sends to Tripoli his son Anastasios Mavromihalis and his nephew Panagon Pikoulakis as sureties That Mani is not preparing for war.

March 17- Maniot Troops including Theodoros Kolokotronis leave from Areopoli and move towards Kalamata.

23- The capture of Kalamata by Maniot Troops and the proclamation of the beginning of the war of independence by PetroBey Mavromihalis of Mani.

24- The Turkish people livining in the region of Vardounia abandon their homes and flee towards Tripoli.

27- Joint Force of Maniots and Lakonians in the battle of Carytaina.

28- Maniots, Lakonians and Tsakonians lay siege to Monemvasia.

28- The first meeting of the senate of Messenia in Kalamata with President Petrobey Mavromihali of Mani and 'commander-in-chief of the Spartan forces'.

31- Battle of Kalogerovouni (Mantineias), which involved Laconians under the leadership of Kiriakouli and Ioannis Mavromihalis of Mani.

31- Battle of Salesi (Megalopoli) which includes Laconians under the leadership of Ilias Mavromihalis of Mani



10- Battle of Vlahokerasia ( Mantineias) which included Laconian forces Under the leadership of Kiriakoulis Mavromihalis of Mani. A fatality was chieftain A.Nikolopoulos from Logastra in Laconia.

14- Battle of Levidi (Mantineias) with attendance from Laconian forces with Ilias Tsalafatinos of Mani in Leadership

16- At the Sistathen military base at Valtetsi (Mantineias) with participation from Kiriakoulis and Ilias Mavromihalis of Mani, Dionisios Mourtzinos of Mani, including members of the Kapetanaki family of Mani.

17- Notables and clergyman as hostages in Tripoli are imprisoned. These include Mitropolitis Monevasias Hrisanthos, Mitropolitis Nafpliou Grigorios, Anstasios Mavromihalis Kai Panagos Pikoulakis from Mani.

24- At the Military base of Vervenon Panagiotis Giatrakos of Mani Takes command.



9- A Battle outside Argos under Kiriakoulis Mavromihalis of Mani, Zaharopoulos and others.

12-13- Victorious Battle at Valtetsi with the participation of some of the members of the Mavromihali of Mani ,Giatrakos of Mani, Tsalafstinou of Mani and Varvitsiotis of Laconia families.

19- The Battle of Vervenon which includes the Bishop Vresthenis Theodoritou, , the Bishop Elous Anthimou ,Panagioti Giatrako from Mani, Antoni Mavromihali of Mani, Konstantine Mavromihali of Mani, Antoni Koumoustioti, Petro Varvitsioti and Others.

26- Assembly of notables at the monastery Kaltezon (Mantineias) with PetroBeys Mavromihalis of Mani Voted in as President with members including Bishop Vresthenis Theodoritos



5- Battle at Thana (Tripoli) with participation from Bishop Vresthenis Theodoritos, Kiriakouli Mavromihali of Mani, P. Giatrako of Mani, Petro Varvitsioti and others.

26- At Levadia the Greeks barricaded themselves in the fort under the leadership of Ilias Mavromihalis of Mani.

28- The fort at Levadia is Surrendered with terms under the command of Ilias Mavromihalis of Mani.



21- The fort of Monemvasia is surrendered to the Greeks

End- The battle at the village of Ahouria and Piali (Tegeas) with the participation of P.Giatrakos of Mani.



8- A battle outside Neokastro (Pilias) where their leader Konstantinos Pierrakos Mavromihalis of Mani killed.

10- The battle of Granas (Mitika of Mantineias) with the participation of Petro Mavromihali of Mani, P.Giatrakos of Mani and others.

24- A battle outside Tripoli under the command of P.Giatrakos of Mani who retreats.



6- Release of rescued hostages - Tripoli

15- Deliberation with Turkish representatives at Maithanasako (Tripoli), Involved are Petrobeys Mavromihalis of Mani, P.Krevvatas of Mistra, P.Giatrakos of Mani and others.





12- A battle at Stoura in Euboia where the leader in charge Ilias Mavromihalis of Mani is killed.



12- A battle outside Argos against the army of Dramali. The Greeks Enter the Fort. With the participation of G.Mavromihalis of Mani, P.Krevvata of Mistra, P.Giatrakos of Mani, P.Varvitsiotis and others.

19- A battle outside Argos with Anthony Mavromihalis of Mani in command.

23-24- The besieged forces leave the fort of Argos (included are G.Mavromihalis of Mani, S.Zaharopoulos of laconia, Petro Varvitsiotis of laconia and others.)

28- The battle of Dervenakia (with the participation of Petrobey Mavromihali of Mani and other Laconians)



4- The battle of Klenia (Corinth) under the leadership of G.Mavromihalis of Mani, Katsako of Mani, Tsalafatino of Mani and others.

7- A battle towards Kiato and Vasiliki (Corinth) with the participation of P.Giatrakos of Mani and others.

8- A Battle at Milos (Argos) under the command of Petrobey Mavromihali of Mani.

12- A battle at Vasiliki (Corinth) with the involvement of P.Giatrakos of Mani and others. (Preist Kalomiris Mistriotis was killed and others)

14- A battle at Koutsi (Navplio) under the leadership of Petrobey Mavromihalis of Mani and others.



30- The departure of P.Patron Germanos and G.Mavromihalis of Mani with a letter for the Pope of Rome.



11- The landing of Petrobey Mavromihali of Mani, Kiriakouli Mavromihali of Mani and others at Mesologi.

16- The Murder of Krevvata of Mistra by G.Giatrakos of Mani people.



25-A battle at Katohi (Vonitsis) and Victory to the Greeks (with the involvement of Petrobey Mavriomihalis of Mani others)





23- Second National Assembly at Astros voted president as Petrobey Mavromihali of Mani with vice president Theodorito bishop of Vresthenis and commander of the army P.Giatrakos of Mani.





6- Deposition of the chairman of the executive body Petrobey Mavromihalis of Mani

16-17- Constitution of government in Tripoli under Petrobey Mavromihalis



28- Assault of Greek forces on the fortress of Koroni under the command of Konstantine and Anthony Mavromihalis of Mani.



19- Clashes at Zeli (Mantineias) between Government and Anti-Government forces (Zaharopoulos is arrested and taken prisoner)



27- A battle outside the fort of Methoni (Pilo) and victory to the Greek Forces under the command of Dionisios Mourtzinos of Mani, Galanin Koumoundouraki of Mani and others.

28- A new battle at Methoni and victory under the command of Dionisios Mourtzinos of Mani and others.



9- At the third National Assembly Vice president of Parliament Bishop Vresthenis Theodoritos was voted.





11-12- The landing of Ibrahim's Forces at Methoni.



9- The first Battle between the Greek forces and that of Ibrahim under the command of Ioanni and Konstantine Mavromihali of Mani at Neokastro (Pilo).

14- A new battle at Neokastro where Ioannis Mavromihali of Mani is killed. (Under the command of Giorgios and Ioannis Mavromihalis of Mani).



8- A battle outside Neokastro with victory to the Greeks (Under the command of Giorgios Mavromihalis of Mani)



6- The signing of terms of surrender outside Neokastro between Ibrahim and P.Giatrako of Mani, G.Mavromihali of Mani and others.

11- The Fort of Neokastro is handed over. P.Giatrakos of Mani and G.Mavromihalis of Mani are held as hostages.

28- The battle of Maniaki (Messinia) with defeat to the Greeks and the Death of Papaflesa, Voidi Kapetanaki of Mani, Ap Manousaki and others.



6-7-The battle at Drabala (Megalopouli) where G.Giatrakos of Mani was injured.



23- Ibrahim captures Monemvasia and at the village Kiparissi (Zarakos) 800 people were either killed or taken prisoner.

25- The exchange of P.Giatrakos of Mani and G.Mavromihalis of Mani for two Turkish Pasha's.





6- Third National Assembly begins work (including Petrobeys Mavromihalis of Mani as a member of the assembly)



22- Battle of Verga and Almiro and vitory to the Maniot forces under the command of Konstantine Mavromihalis of Mani.

23- Battle of verga again with victory to the Maniot forces under the command of K.Mavromihalis of Mani, Ilias Mavromihalis of Mani and others.

25- Battle at Diro and victory to the Maniot forces including K.Mavromihalis of Mani,G.Mavromihalis of Mani and others.



20- Battle at Mehmetaga (Tegeas) and Victory to the Greeks (participation of Zaharopoulos of Laconia and others)



19- The battle at Vasara (Inountos) and victory to the Greek Forces (included Nikitara, Plapouta, Gennaio, Zaharopoulos, Varvitsioti and others)

21- Ibrahim Proceeds to attempt to Invade Mani

27- Battle at Maniakova (Gytheio) and victory to Maniot forces (includes P.Kosonako of Mani. G.Mavromihali of Mani, I.Katsako of Mani and others)

28 Battle at Poliaravou and victory to the Maniot forces (Includes I.Tsalafatino of Mani,G.Mavromihalis of Mani, P.Giatrako of Mani, I.Katsako of Mani, D.Petropoulaki of Mani, A.Troupaki of Mani and others)




26- The Turkish Navy bombards Kitries (oitilo) in Mani (1700 canon balls fall on the town).





23- The President Ioannis Kapodistria Proclaims Petrobey Mavromihali of Mani as a minister

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