Mission Statement

Our Aims and Objectives

  1. To assist Maniots and people in general in becoming educated in the customs, history and traditions of the area of Mani and the subsequent survival of these traditions.
  2. To promote research and subsequent understanding of Maniot customs, traditions and history.
  3. To promote positive social and economic interaction between Maniots and Hellenes from other regions.
  4. To keep all Maniots informed through various formats i.e. newsletter and internet, of current news from the region of Mani, Hellas and regions local to members.
  5. To promote social and educational interaction between Hellenic clubs and associations in Australia and the world.
  6. To create an environment, within a future association venue, for the use of the members, their families and friends, which will allow learning, social interaction, research and other activities primarily with Maniot themes.