Pistols of 1821

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Pistols of 1821

A wide variety of pistols were used in the war of independence ranging from the pistols manufactured in the Balkans to the middle east.

Many pistols used, which were also called small guns, were also luxuriously decorated with silver in filigree technique. The so called "Ledenica" distinguished itself for the luxury of decoration; this was especially true for those made in the workshops at the Seaside, among which, the one of Risan, in Montenegro, Serbia had a special place.

A pistol of 1821 Time frame: Beginning of the 19th century
Iron, gilt brass, forging, grinding, engraving, gilding
Pistol Length: 51.5cm
16mm calibre
An octaganol barrel with a gradual transition into a rounded one, smooth on the inside. Miquelet-type firing mechanism of standard make. The whole pistol is reinforced with a gilt brass sheet, decorated with engravings of stylized foils.

An 1821 pistol of one of out members

Pistol used in Greek War of Independence currently owned by a private collector.

Turkish flintlock holster pistols were also common. These consisted of a round barrel with an octagonal breech. The pistol was floraly engraved at the breech and included a brass covered barrel tang. The flintlocks were commonly Fully stocked in wallnut with carvings around the forend, rear of lock and around the rear of the barrel tang amidst the superb silver wire inlay. Silver wire inlay can also be found around the long eared butt and silver nose cap.

Caption (Flintlock holster pistol Circa 19th Century)

Weapon Characteristics;
Barrel length: 9.75 inch
Overall length: 16.25 inch.


Another common pistol of local manufacture consisted of a round barrel with a flat raised rib and shaped breech. The Grecian holster pistols were commonly fully stocked in walnut and profusely deeply carved with foliage around all of the action area and along forend. Decorated with silver wire inlay around action the example below also consists of a french lock. The lock is signed by the maker in neoloyne silver (Indistinct) with roller frizzen spring and semi-rainproof flashpan. In addition the example below has fabulous deeply chiseled and engraved brass mounts

Caption (Grecian flintlock holster pistol)

Weapon Characteristics;
Barrel length: 11.5 inch
Calibre: .600
Circa 1800.


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