Rifles of 1821

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A common firearm left Behind by soldiers of the revolution at Saint Lavra, Circa 1821 The firearms used in general by the Maniots with the onset and during the revolution of 1821 were basically Flintlocks called "Jazail". The "Jazail" was commonly used by Ottoman Janissarie troops and is also a common firearm used in North Africa by the Bedouin. The short stock with the curve in it indicates it's use on horse or camel by the Turks. The deep curve in the butt stock was used to hook the firearm under the armpit and allowed the gun to be fired while the other hand is on the reins to control the animal.

A Maniot Soldier 1810 - 1813Maniot Soldiers of the 19th century

Another common rifle used during the greek war of independence were the Albanian 18/19th Century muskets with miquelets style lock.

"The style of the musket reflects both, Oriental and European influence. Below the musket pictured consists of a quality half round, half octagonal Damascus barrel. The back of the barrel displays inlaid silver wire decorations. Lock seems to be of Balkan/Turkish origins. Solid stock is covered entirely with brass and steel decorative sheets.


Small proofs are stamped on the barrel, as well as on some other steel parts.and three brass barrel bands.cover the length of the barrel. All the steel and brass parts of the muskets are elaborately decorated with floral motifs.complete with original steel ramrod in matching style.


Weapon Characteristics;
Overall length: 62 inch.
Barrel length: 48 inch
Calibre: .63

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